The daily routine cards is designed to help with those hard mornings and evenings.

It is thought as a tool to engage and encourage children, to participate in their everyday activities. Children learn the best with hands-on activities, that will get them moving.

You and your child can plan the routine together and arrange the cards in the shelf, as they would like them to be.

Your child can touch, carry and arrange the activity cards with you. The cards is placed in the shelf to create the schedule your child prefers and the backside shows a star for each task completed.

Contains the tasks:



Brush teeth


Wash hands

Put on Pyjamas


Bedtime story

The daily routine set is made of 100% beech wood,  FSC certified manufacturer.

Our packing is made of FSC approved cardboard.


The package contains 8 pieces of daily routine cards.

The cards are 4,2 x, 4,2 x 0,6 cm


*Doesn’t contain a shelf.

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