Daily Hydration Water bottle by Muuki


Designed to monitor and help you meet your daily recommended water needs. The Perfect Hydration Bottle – How It Works ?

To help you track your daily hydration level we designed simple hourly time markers on the silicone sleeve,

so you can drink enough water throughout the day.

Health experts recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water per day to meet your optimal total daily fluid intake.

The Muuki Daily Bottle holds 720 ml, so it is best to drink 3 full bottles during the day.

Follow these steps to maintain your proper hydration level :

1. Fill your bottle with fresh water in the morning and start drinking.

2. Try to make the first refill around noon. Enjoy further drinking.

3. Try to make the second refill around 4PM. Keep hydrated until the evening.

4.* For pregnant and breastfeeding women, whose water needs are greater, we’ve added a night-mode for that extra refill.


720ml Specification :

Capacity 720 ml
Weight 495 g
Height 22.5 cm
Diameter ø 8.6 cm
Mouth ø 4.9 cm

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