Baby Brush (Set of 2)


A set of brushes for babies, soft relaxing goat hair and natural stiff bristles – bristles ideal for combing out cradle cap in babies.
Extremely soft bristles (goat hair) will provide the best possible care for your baby’s first hair and will also help relax during daily rituals.

The brush gently massages the baby’s sensitive scalp and at the same time makes the baby calm down and relax.
Naturally stiff bristles will help fight cradle cap, which occurs in most babies between one and four months of age.

Remember to use it together with olive oil, for the best results – just brush the baby’s head with olive oil before bathing and then brush the scales. If this does not help, brush your baby’s head with olive oil or greasy cream for a few hours.

The wood for our brushes was produced in Poland and is FSC certified.

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