Buy Back Program: Conditions and FAQ

How do I sell my clothes to you?

We only accept pieces that are purchased directly from our Petit Pappus online store. (Purchased as current & last season, preloved / secondhand)

As soon as you reached a  minimum of 5 pieces of clothes (incl. shoes, accessories, etc.) you are eligible for the buy back program (This is important to reduce production of our carbon footprint due to shipping)

To participate, simply:

  1. Send us an email to . You don’t have to send us any pictures, just inform us about your participation.
  2. Send us your package :
    Petit Pappus
    Vrenikerstrasse 31c
    8152 Opfikon

After we received your package, will receive a confirmation email the next business day. Your will receive your payout within 2 weeks of receiving the email confirmation. The payout will also include the money spent on shipment.

Payout options:

  1. Cash: Via bank transfer
  2. Voucher for the Petit Pappus online store (Valid for one year, can be used on everything and is cumulative with other discounts). The voucher will increase the payout per piece by 10% compared to the cash option.


How much will I get for reselling my items to you ?

When we receive your items, we assess them based on the condition they are in.

  • Unworn / New with tags
  • Unworn / New without tags
  • Very good preloved condition
  • Good preloved condition

Once a condition rating is applied, an estimated resale price will be determined based on similar products available on Petit Pappus online store. The combination of the condition rating and the estimated resale price will determine the payout to the participant. Therefore, the formula to calculate your payout is the following:

Payout for product X = Estimated Resale price for product X * factor based on condition rating in %

For example, if you sent a sweater which is in a very good preloved condition and you would like to get a voucher (for future purchases at Petit Pappus ) and the resale value is estimated to be 23.- CHF your Payout will be calculated the following:

8,05 CHF (Payout) = 23 CHF (Resale Value) x 35% (Factor based on condition rating) 

 * If the items are received in unsalable condition (eg., smell, wrinkles, soiled, spots and more work is needed to make the clothes acceptable to be sold, the payout applied will be lower than a “good preloved condition“ due to the circumstances on our end. We therefore suggest prepping your clothes before sending them to us.

Condition rating table


Factor with cash back option

Factor with voucher option

New with tag



New without tag



Very good preloved condition



Good preloved condition




How long do I have to make a trade in after the original purchase?

We guarantee to buy back every apparel in at least a “good” condition purchased from us within the last 1 year. We are happy to buy your apparel after the 1 year period on a case-by-case basis, in exchange for store credits only.

How do I get paid for my trade-ins?

Vouchers will be sent to you via email. Cash payments via bank transfer (only within Switzerland).

Summary of the most important points

  1. We do NOT accept: Underwear, socks, swim wear, diapers or similar products for hygiene reasons.
  2. We only accept clothes purchase in our online store (purchases via facebook or via friends are not in scope of the program)
  3. We only accept items in an at least good preloved condition – therefore, we reserve the right to exclude products from the program in case they do not meet our quality standards
  4. You are eligible to participate in the program if you have a minimum of 5 pieces of clothes (incl. shoes, accessories, etc.)
  5. Please inform us via email that you want to participate in the program (so we have your contact data and can confirm the package upon arrival)
  6. Please mind our environment and do not use boxes that are way bigger than the content of the package – best is to reuse an old Petit Pappus box or any other used box of appropriate size and package everything as tightly as possible
  7. If you do not possess at least 5 pieces of clothes in scope, you can still send them to us, but we will deduct the cost of shipping from the payout
  8. When you receive your email confirmation, you have 72 hours to choose your payment method (cash vs. voucher). If we do not hear from you within that time frame, we automatically send you a voucher
  9. Petit Pappus cannot be held responsible for items lost or damaged in transit. Please always keep the receipt and sending number of the post service
  10. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a payout for items not complying with the above conditions. Rest assured, that we always try our best to make this process as transparent and as fair as possible to everyone participating